Style Helpline

Welcome New-Gen Parent,

At MashUp, you not only get to shop the coolest looks for little dude, but also get help from personal stylist to decide his look. Because a little effort can give him a new personality! 
Our style helpline is especially for the busy moms and dads, who can't put much thought into how to dress your little dude.

How to get free personalized style help for for your son?
Just shoot your query to or Call/WhatsaApp +91 9522269135 be it for special occasion like wedding in the family, or an unexpected birthday invitation, when there’s no time to take your kid around the market, MashUp team will be happy you with handpicked options according to your need.

No time to shop? No problem! Get help in mixing and matching clothes from his own wardrobe!
You read that right, we can also help you pick outfits from his own wardrobe and match them to perfection! Just send us the pictures of the options and we'll help you put together a new look with same old clothes.

What's more? You can contact us for complete styling help (if your boy is too lean or hefty etc.), and we can provide you with a personalized and very practical makeover tips (with no extra charge).

Because it’s always a pleasure to see well-dressed little ones!

How to start?
Send us your query on Or sign up for MashUp Club membership and we'll share our whatsapp helpline number with you.

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Looking forward to dress your little dude soon!
MashUp Team