The reason why Bahubali is a must watch movie!

The reason why Bahubali is a must watch movie!


Bahubali grows up to be a strong young man aspiring to ascend the waterfall and makes many unsuccessful attempts at it. But he kept trying, finally climbs the mountain and succeeds at last.


While Ballaladeva uses all the big weapons to kill the enemy, Bahubali used the least resources to kill them which reveals his zeal and confidence in his eyes to achieve the kingdom.


During the war when Ballaladeva don’t care about the people and he passes through them and with his amour just to kill enemies at the last Bahubali uses his tactic, saves people and kills the enemies. This reveal the power of king.


During the war when all the king servants are afraid and running way he motivates them and says about greatness of birthplace and importance of mother.


Though Bahubali was the reason for winning the war & he deserves to be the king. He never says not even shows his anguish when his competitor is being announced as the King. Accepting the decision of elders gives a person peace of mind & even what he wants sooner or later.

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