Share with Kids: Quirky Habits of Most Successful Men

Share with Kids: Quirky Habits of Most Successful Men

Worried seeing your boy glued to the ipad/computer all the time? Well, the new generation and technology are inseparable! But why not use it smartly to share insightful posts with them?

Here are some quirky habits of highly successful people he may not know! Go ahead, share them with your son!

Steve Jobs

Jobs often go long periods of time eating one type of food only, like apples or carrots. Reportedly, once he ate so many carrots, that his skin turned bright orange.

Jeff Bezos

Calling the rule as “two pizza rule”, this Amazon Founder believes that the less people there are, the more productive a meeting is. So, never have a meeting where two pizzas couldn’t feed the entire group.

Mark Zuckerberg

Every year Mark Zuckerberg sets himself a new challenge, completely non-relatable to his work at Facebook in order to grow as a person. His resolutions include tasks like meeting a new person every day, learning Mandarin, eating animals he himself killed, building an A.I. to run his home. His goal for 2017 is to have visited and met someone in every U.S. state.

Bill Gates

The Microsoft CEO used to be a ruthless competitor and a workaholic and expected his employees to do the same. He used to memorize number plates of his employees to keep a check on their coming and going.

Thomas Edison

Instead of taking a test to examine the skills of the aspirant, he would ask him to eat a bowl of soup in front of him and see whether they added salt before they tried it. If yes, the interviewee was automatically dismissed as they had too many assumptions.

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