Nerdy Teenager to Style Icon: Varun Dhawan's Transformation!

Nerdy Teenager to Style Icon: Varun Dhawan's Transformation!

He is the perfect mixture of high fashion and street style. A man who isn’t afraid to experiment with colors. There is always a certain boyish charm in everything he wears, be it a pair of track pants, shorts, or the sneakers-with-suits combination. Yes, we are talking about none other than our very favorite Varun Dhawan.


But before stepping into the world of cinema, he was way far from the bundle of hotness that he is now.

Must say, Varun has transformed quite a lot since those days.

About his style-

The actor loves breaking rules when it comes to looking his best. He believes that one season cannot have just one trend.  

He prefers colour co-ordinating rather than opting for the muted hues. We must hand it to him for his super amazing individualistic style.

Varun believes in the clothes to be cool and comfortable.

The actor says “I am a bit moody, so you will see the way I dress changes according to my mood. One day I will feel like wearing formals, and will wear them randomly even if my co-stars are dressed casually”.

His always filled with enthusiasm attitude and infectious energy is what makes him everyone’s favorite.



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