Must Read : From Bollywood Baddie to Inspirational Daddy

Must Read : From Bollywood Baddie to Inspirational Daddy

Emraan Hashmi is very well known as serial kisser of Bollywood. Whenever we speak of him, his image is quite well defined in our minds as a Bollywood baddie, who can play all the challenging roles without caring about the world out there. But who knew, an instance in his life could change his whole personality and perception towards life.

The happening is of almost three years back. Emraan was doing well in his personal and professional life, as he got married, had an adorable kid Ayaan. His career was also on peak with some blockbusters like Murder and Jannat . Who knew the life would take a vicious turn from here on!

It was a fine day when Emraan along with his wife and son went out for a lunch and suddenly he observed something strange in his son, Ayaan’s behavior. They rushed back to home and decided to quickly get him diagnosed, where they came to know about a very bitter truth which completely tore them apart. His 3 yrs 11 months old son was detected with a cancer.

Now this was something really huge for Emraan to deal with, as even the thought of losing someone you love to a disease so dreadful can completely break someone down. Still somehow, Emraan pulled himself together as he had to be very strong to deal with that crisis.

During Ayaan's treatment in Canada, Emraan was shooting for Raja Natwarlal and Mr X in India. It has been quite a tough time for him where he has to deal with his real life stress as well as reel life drama. "It was very difficult juggling both things. It was very difficult for me to keep my emotions away from the camera," the 38-year-old said, though he shared that he got used to the situation "in 10-15 days".

Although it was a lot for the family to imbibe in, but at the end, Ayaan returned all hale and hearty after undergoing a surgery. It was an inspiration only when coming out of such painful battle in his life, Emraan decided to write a book on his life focusing mainly on Ayaan’s cancer incident. So that he could motivate other parents and cancer patients to never back down.

Emraan’s book kiss of life: How A Superhero and My Son Defeated Cancer, co-written by Bilal Siddiqui, was released last year, narrating the physical pain of the child, and the emotional trauma of his parents, from the diagnosis through the treatment to cancer-free years.

Soon after, the six-year-old, Ayaan starred in a video directed by Dia Mirza’s . In the video alongside other kids, Ayaan urged everyone to conserve nature and be environmentally conscious in his own tender and unique way.

While currently, the actor Emraan Hashmi is all busy in his shooting of the movie Baadshaho and producing his own film as well, which all seems to be going on a good note.

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