Attention Moms! Are you the reason for their Obesity?

Attention Moms! Are you the reason for their Obesity?

Cute-chubby faces as kids, why not!? But simply believing they will naturally shed baby fat is something where a lot of Indian moms are gowing wrong. And the statistics are alarming!

Mom's need to stop neglecting the fact that their cute, chubby baby has grown extra fat and has become obese in all these years.

This state not only affects their health but their academic performance and overall confidence is also hampered. The major concern is that these kids are not the prime ones to be blamed for obesity but rather it’s the parents. Let’s see how-

Force feeding

You force-feed your children out of the misconception that children must have enough nourishment. However, forced eating might be doing more harm to them rather than doing good. It disrupts normal eating behavior and makes children vulnerable to unhealthy weight gain.


Making them too-food motivated

You must have often told your child that “If you behave while we’re at the store we’ll get (insert fast-food choice here) after”? Honestly, who hasn’t? But, by doing so you’ve just used food as a reward, which is generally junk or sugary food. This reward becomes their habit which causes childhood obesity problems.


You do, they follow

If your family is more indulged into western diet i.e. sugared sweetened beverages, salty snacks, high-fat sandwiches, candy and desserts, the kids of such families are more likely to be obese and have poor dietary habits.


Ditch couch, play out

 Spending more time with your kids on TV will make you as well as your little one be exposed to more commercials that promote unhealthy foods, ultimately lead to childhood obesity. Rather go outside and play together. This will engage your kid in physical activities.


Breakfast First

 Of-course breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day for right. Inculcate the habit of having breakfast in your child, as it leads to higher academic performance, a reduced risk for obesity and an increased intake of vitamins and minerals. So all moms and dads, change your habits and set an example for your little ones.






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