56 years old, still lay claim to title of Hollywood Heart Throb

56 years old, still lay claim to title of Hollywood Heart Throb

George Clooney is one of the most stylish men in Hollywood, The actor is well known with his style on the Red carpet. George is also living proof that men can really start looking better with age. It seems that the older he gets the more attractive he becomes. Dressing like George can be done with a little charm, charisma, and class. The mainstays of Clooney’s wardrobe are basics and classics. Keep reading and learn how to dress like George Clooney.

1. A well-fitted suit, tie or no tie

George always looks dashing in a matching fitted suit. His signature look is a Black jacket and pants with a white collared button up shirt underneath the jacket. He also ditches the tie in favor of having an open collar, which gives a slightly more relaxed look to a formal outfit.

2. Limited set of colours

He never goes too loud, and tends to stick to grey, charcoal and black that he knows suit his style, as well as having a decent selection of crisp white shirts to work with.

3. Button up shirts

Even when George Clooney isn’t on the red carpet, he is wearing a button up shirt that is tucked in neatly.

4. Wear a casual outfit well

Once again, he stays in a range of colors that he’s comfortable with and that complement his look. When in casual, he is generally seen in a dad jeans, chinos or cargos with Polo tee and sneakers or boots. The actor chooses simplicity, so according to his style, quality and fit matter the most.

5. Don’t accessorize heavily

A Good accessory like a stylish watch will do.  His belt matches his shoes in color and if it’s a sunny day, he might get spotted in a pair of aviator sunglasses.

Overall, Clooney’s look is one that emphasizes simplicity and elegance without being either loud or understated.


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