90's Fashion Comeback: How to Dress your Boys!

90's Fashion Comeback: How to Dress your Boys!

Famous designer Carolina Harrera once said 'Fashion is always a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together'. We couldn't agree more!

So here's a roundup of the coolest 90’s looks which have made a strong comeback this season.

Ripped jeans

The good news is that men’s ripped jeans would still be here to rock. Although a bit transformed, in 2017 it would be introduced with colored spots, cuts and shaggy threads unlike nineties.

Long hair, man buns - A rebellious style with the hair worn down to shoulder-length with a center-parting was one of the popular guys hairstyles in nineties. Now, in 2017, they still keep it long but tied in a man bun. Well, if it’s good enough for Thor, it’s good enough for men.

Jacket tied around your waist- A Jacket knotted around your jeans is a better idea than a belt, as we are witnessing for the coming season hitting nineties  vibe.  So if you are thinking to invest in a jacket, rest assured that it will surely carry you through this summer, tied around the waist and ready for sundown.

Vertical stripes – Vertical Stripes are a timeless that arguably will never go out of fashion. However, their popularity in 2017 is set to be the next big thing. The difference this season is that they will be seen in varying widths.

Solid tees under blazers - The humble blazer has played a star role in seasons past, since its debut nearly two hundred years ago. But this season, inspired by nineties, the blazers are again seen teamed up with a solid tee to give more prominent look.

A Faded Denim Jacket – Faded denim jackets were big in the '90s, and they're big again. It would be hard to go wrong here with such iconic style.

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