Wisdom from WWE star-Breaking whole school into tears!

Wisdom from WWE star-Breaking whole school into tears!

Watch this inspiring video where famous professional wrestler Marc Mero, essays his heartbreaking story of falling apart from his mother – his biggest strength, and losing her eventually.

Mero mentions an event where he comes home late while his mother stays home waiting for him for a little conversation about the day is something we all can relate to. Ignoring parents to hang out with his cool friends, or staying glued to the mobile screens when they are talking, is something every teenager today can be held guilty for.

It is only such instances when we realize that life is not about chasing after something or winning it all, but it is about living one moment at a time.

Let us understand that we are going to get old one day and will need someone else to help us finish our race. Till then, make your loved ones your priority in life and take out some time to let them know that you love them the most, not necessarily by words, because time is the most valuable thing that a man can spend on his dear ones.



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