5 Must-Have Apps for Working Moms

5 Must-Have Apps for Working Moms


Being a mother in today’s time is a challenging task, especially when you are a working mother.  You keep on switching between professional and personal life. You try to take good care of yourself, your family, have a home to keep clean and organized and, of course, you want a career you're proud of. Managing all this along with growing children becomes a lot to handle.

Worry no more Moms! Here are 5 apps which can help you to save little time from your pretty hectic schedule and will help you take good care of your child as well.

1. Breeze-Fast and Easy

If you’re a Mom, you know how difficult it is to try to help your kids with a school assignment and wait on hold at the same time for the long voice (IVR) menus every time you call your customer care. Well Breeze-Fast and Easy can help you here. It’s a free app which once installed on your smart phone, can be used to wait on hold for you. Just launch the app & choose the company you want to contact then click "Have Someone Call Me” and you are done. Go back to your life and the next available person will contact you. You can try another app ‘Fast Customer’ also.

2. Net Nanny

Are you always keen on keeping your kids safe online? Then Net Nanny is for you. It reads a web site’s content, categorizes it, and allows you to block certain categories for each of your kids individually. Thus protecting them from adult-themed sites, violence, profanity, cyber bullying and stalking, without you having to be present while children are using electronic devices.

3. Chore Monster

Chore Monster, is great app which helps your kids to set up a routine that doesn't require your direct supervision. They operate the app themselves as it makes them take an active role in maintaining themselves and home. Plus it's got cute animations and appealing music to help keep them motivated. You can set incentives also for the work done. The app is aimed to get your kids into the habit of completing their chores on a daily or weekly basis, with personalized, age-appropriate tasks.

4. Mamabear

The MamaBear is an App that can help you monitor your kid’s location, social media and also their driving habits. Kids can use the app to let you know when they get somewhere safely, and it has a handy "panic button" feature if they're in trouble and need help that allow them to contact 911 with the touch of one button or to discreetly call parents to come pick them up.

5. Amazon Subscribe and Save

Being a parent, you must have realized that there are certain products that you’ll always require repeatedly and that too on the regular intervals. Just like- toothpaste, coffee, oil, shampoo etc. You don’t need to order the same products again and again. Instead, you can use - Amazon Subscribe and Save feature, which allows you to have these household staples automatically shipped to your door on a regular schedule. You can cancel the auto-delivery according to your convenience. Besides this, you get a discount every time for signing up to scheduled delivery.

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